Lamb Chops Are Not Just Lamb Chops

“Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl demonstrates that not everything is as it may seem to appear, as a woman who appears to be innocent is actually her husband’s murderer. The story begins depicting Mary to be a sane, normal housewife, bored and always catering to her husband, but as the story continues, it becomes clear that Mary is in fact very manipulative and deceiving. She soon surprises the reader and kills her husband with a leg of lamb after he confessed some unfortunate news to her, and still manages to victimize herself and appear innocent. For instance, after practicing in the mirror, Mary was able to convince the grocer, that everything was normal, when in reality, just moments ago she had cracked her husband’s skull. At the beginning of the story, most readers would not have expected Mary to kill her husband, and be able to scheme her way out of it. Throughout the story, after the interrogations, none of the detectives considered that Mary could be the perpetrator, also, they never considered that the lamb chops they were eating could be the murder weapon. While eating the lamb chops, one detective suggest that the weapon is still on the crime site, and another responds “Probably right under our very noses…”, the irony of this conversation displays that things are not always as they appear (Dahl, 44). A normal housewife, killing her husband, and end up getting away with it comes to show that not everything is as they seem to be.screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-11-12-39-pm