“Reunion” Mood Board

“Reunion,” by John Cheever, is about a reunion between Charlie and his father. This reunion consisted of a disappointing amount of communication, and a portrayal of conflict among family, and generations.

In my mood board, I added a photo of a young boy hugging his father through the train’s window. This picture shows what Charlie may have expected of the reunion at the train station, however, the reunion took a completely opposite turn. Although Charlie was able to meet his father, they were unable to have any form of communication as his father was too focused Beefeater Gibson, and yelling at the servers. This is visually represented in my mood board by the dark and lonely images of the bar, and old man drinking. Furthermore, the lack of communication and the absence of any sincere interaction is represented with how every other photo, there is only one man displayed instead of two. Aside from the father’s angry speech, the story has a monotone vibe, which is paralleled by the monochromatic colour scheme of the mood board. The center photo is a black and white photograph of a man walking on train tracks, representing Charlie walking away from his father, feeling disappointed from the idolized figure he created in his head.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 8.15.36 PM