Slice Mood Board

Slice moodboard.jpg

Slice, by Toby Litt, is a psychological thriller that uses blog posts to narrate the experiences of a family living in a strange house. During their stay, they discover tragic news and mysterious encounters.

My mood board uses text, colour, and images to display the overall tone and feel of the story. First, looking at the overall collage, the colour scheme is very monochromatic, with only black whites and greys, and a small touch of red. These colours are used to show the mystery of the story, and to show Lisa’s disturbing characteristics. Furthermore, the left side is more dark, transitioning to a lighter tone on the right side, representing the contrast between the darker tone of Lisa’s blog, to a more rational tone of her parent’s blog. The photo of the girl represents Lisa’s curious mind, and her tendency to explore, while the photo of the universe represents the hole that is the entrance to another dimension.

An important aspect of the story is the hare that leads the family to a mysterious hole. I felt it was important to visualize this on my mood board. One picture represents the hare guiding Lisa to the hole, another is of Ray and Lynn chasing the hare to find their daughter. An old dollhouse and a bloody car scene also help visualize the story as it represents the overall creepy tone, while also representing portions of the story; the dollhouse that Lisa finds in Maryjane’s room, and the car accident that Maryjane’s family was killed in. I also added the words “curiosity”, “family”, “unknown environment”, and “hole in wall”, as I felt they can all be used to accurately described Litts’ ideas for Lisa’s storyline.